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How do I care for my Synthetic Dreads with warmth/heat in the summer?

Super fun of course, a summertime dreadlook! But is wearing Synthetic Dreads in the Summer different from wearing them in the Winter? What things do you have to keep in mind? In this blog we will give you some tips about how you can enjoy your Dreadlocks for a long period in warm weather!
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Synthetic Dreadlocks and Warmth

Synthetic Dreads can be pretty warm in the Summer. Especially when you wear a ponytail or a bun, it can warm up fast under the elastic.

Unfortunately this is a downside of the Summer, you can’t do a lot about this. But there are a couple of things you can consider!

For example you can make a bun or ponytail without using an elastic (a great alternative is a Spiralock. By not using an elastic your Dreads will be a bit more loose and more comfortable. This way they will be less close to your scalp and that can feel less warm! When you do use an elastic, you can try to make your ponytail or bun not too tight, so your scalp can breath better.

And you can wear your Dreads loose more often, although then you will have the problem of a wam neck ;). So switching up is ideal!

Dreads and Sun

Because your hair is divided in to sections when installing your Dreads, a part of your scalp with be exposed to the sun. Your scalp doesn’t (or barely) see any sun normally and will sunburn a lot faster! Using suntan lotion is a lot of work and your hair gets greasy very fast. But how do you solve this?

Dreadshop recommends to always wear a headband when you are outside. So the sections in your hair are covered and protected. If you don’t like wearing a headband, you can of course only wear this on the hottest time of day.
The hottest time of day is when the sun is high in the sky, and the rays are most intense. This is usually between 11 AM and 3 PM, or 12 noon and 4 PM.

You can of course put some sun lotion on your sections of your Dreads. The best way to do this is to first style your hair how you want to wear it that day. By making a ponytail for example, a lot of your sections will be covered up with Dreads or hair.
Because of this you often only have to rub in the first (and second) row of your Dreads. The best way to do this is to put a tiny bit of suntan lotion on your finger. You can then divide this on the sections, without rubbing too much in your hair ;).

Do you have some loose hair in the front? You can comb this back to cover up the sections.

Itch while wearing your Dreads

Because your scalp can get warmer with Dreads in the Summer, you might experience more itchiness than usual. You can prevent this by wearing your Dreads loose more often.
The Rescue Tonic or Refreshening Spray can also make your scalp feel cool and fresh again.

Rash on your scalp

Do you suffer from a rash on your scalp? This rash can be caused by the sun, but also by Dreads that are installed tightly.
In this blog we explain what you can do about this problem.

Enjoy the Summer!

-X- Renate


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