My Real Dreads have become flat, what to do?

My Real Dreads have become flat, what to do?

You wear your Real Dreads with pride and joy, but instead of getting fuller and rounder, your dreads become flat. How did this happen and what can you do about it?
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Flat Dreadlocks

When you lie on your dreadlocks with your head a lot, your dreads can become flatter. This is simply gravity at work. Your head is heavier than your dreads and by lying on them with your head, your dreads become flatter.

Palm rolling Dreads

When your Real Dreads have just been applied, it’s very important to palm roll them every day for about two months. After these two months, you can palm roll your dreads twice a week. By palm rolling them, you’ll make sure that they get a nice round form and you’ll prevent them from getting flat. You’ll also make sure your dreads are nice and compact and that loose strands of hair will be sticking together inside your dreadlocks.

Palm rolling is done by taking one dread between your hands and rolling it around. Do this dread per dread until you’ve rolled every dread. You can use Care Products during this process.

Strengthen your dreads

When your dreads are infirm and pliant, the danger of your dreads getting flat, is bigger. Compact dreads are sturdier and won’t get flat as fast. To make your dreads sturdier and more compact, you can knot the hair from inside with a crochet hook. This can also help to make your dreads rounder when they’re already flat.

Maintaining your dreads with a crochet hook is done by:

  • Putting the crochet hook into the top of your dread and slowly moving it up and down.
  • Take the crochet hook out and put it a little lower into your dread.
  • Move it slowly up and down again.
  • Repeat this until you are at the bottom of your dread.   

The crochet hook will knot the hairs from inside your dreads. By doing this, you’ll create more compact dreads. 

Of course you want to give your Dreads all the love and the best care so that they look beautiful and well-groomed.

With my 20 years of experience I have written down my 5 most important tips for you! With these tips you can take great care of your Real Dreads!
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