How to make the right sectioning for your dreads

How to make the right sectioning for your dreads

Do you want to wear a beautiful bunch of dreads, but do you not know how to make the right division? We will explain more about this in this blog.
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The start: From the neck or from your forehead?

Many people who install their dreads start at the bottom of the neck. The handy thing about this is that the dreads that you have finished no longer fall over the part to be used. We also work this way in our Salon.

With the use of multiple mirrors, you can more easily make a division on the back of the head and in the neck.

The first choice

The most important choice before you determine how you will make the division is whether or not you want to wear a (middle) parting. If you opt for a parting, your dreads will fall into this part when you wear a ponytail or when you wear your dreads loose.

If you prefer that your dreads fall back evenly when you wear your dreads, do not opt ​​for a middle parting.

Wearing dreads with a middle parting

When you have chosen to wear your dreads with a middle parting, make the parting as desired when you have already filled the back of your head with Dreadlocks.
You can use the pin tail comb to make a part. Make the desired size sections on both sides of the parting and install your dreads in there.

Wearing dreads without a middle parting

When you have chosen to wear your dreads without a middle parting, it is important to use the tip of your nose as the centerline of the first/front section.

You can find different installing techniques for installing your dreads here.

Do you wear a loose lock in front of your dreads?

If you would like to wear of bangs or a lock, separate your bangs/lock when you have installed the dreads the back of your head. Secure your bangs or lock with a clip so that you maintain the correct shape of your bangs/lock.

Are you still in doubt whether you want to wear bangs or lock? Read this blog with more information.

How can I install my Dreads myself?

Of course it sounds very simple, just install your Synthetic Dreads yourself, but is it really that simple? Many people find it more difficult than expected. And this was the reason for us to create a course in which we show you step by step how you can install your Dreads yourself.
In this course we will show you how you can install your Dreads yourself, but also how you can make a good sectioning pattern. And that is very important when wearing Synthetic Dreads. You can read why this is very important in this blog.

Would you like access to the course with all the videos in which we show you how to install your Dreads yourself? Then click here.


-X- Renate