Synthetic Dreads for short hair

Synthetic Dreads for short hair

If you have short hair it is certainly possible to wear Synthetic Dreads. In this blog I would like to tell you exactly how long your hair should be and which technique you can best use when installing the Synthetic Dreads.

Can I wear Synthetic Dreads in short hair?

Synthetic Dreads do need a bit of grip on your own hair, so we recommend a minimum length of 2.8 inch / 7 centimeters for the Thin Renate's Locks of Love and 3 inch / 8 centimeters for the Renate's Locks of Love.
With a hair length of 2-2.4 inch / 5-6 centimeters you can install the Dreads, but there is a risk that the dreads will fall out after a short time.

How can I install Dreads for short hair?

If you have short hair of your own, it is best to use the French technique for installing the Dreads. With this technique you can make a little more strokes around your Synthetic Dreads so that the Dreads have more grip and they stay in place better.
When you are at the ends of your hair you can use an elastic to secure your hair.
Because there is a lot of force on the Dreads in your neck when wearing a tail or a bun, you can choose to put an extra elastic on the Dreadlocks in your neck, to secure extra.

In this video I show you what the French technique is:

Washing Synthetic Dreads with short hair

When you have short hair it is important that you do not wet your Dreads too often. Your Synthetic Dreads absorb a lot of moisture, which will make them heavier. This makes them pull your own hair a bit more and they can sag a bit. If you have shorter hair, it is more likely that your Dreads will come off when you wash your Dreads often.
Instead, use a nice Refreshening Spray to care for your scalp and hair.

Course for installing the Locks of Love

Do you want to use your Synthetic Dreads yourself? But not sure how? I can help you!

Because how do you install Synthetic Dreads exactly? How does it work, installing dreads, making sections? That is of course very difficult if you cannot see it properly yourself.

That is why I made a video especially for you in which I show you step by step how you can install Synthetic Dreads on yourself. This makes installing your Dreads a lot easier!

In this course I use different products such as a comb, rubber bands, an install tool and clips. I can offer you these materials in a special kit, then you will also receive everything you need to install your Dreads. Click here to order this product.

Click on this link to order your course.