What is a Dreadlock Accent Set?

What is a Dreadlock Accent Set?

In this blog I would like to explain what an Accent Set is and how you can use it. To inspire our customers more, we have been selling Accent Sets through our website since 2019. And from the start, these Accent Sets have been extremely popular! For that reason we try to change the range of Accent Sets regularly. All Accent Sets are therefore Limited Editions.

Use an Accent Set as Partial Dreads

An Accent Set contains enough Dreads to wear the Accent Set as Partial Dreads. Choose the right length of Dreads to go with your hair length. For the best result the Synthetic Dreads are a little bit longer than your own hair.

Click here for more information about Partial Dreads.

An Accent Set is great to add to your set of Dreads

You can also use an Accent Set to add to your set of Dreads. Do you already have a set of Synthetic Dreads? It’s super fun to mix your Dreads with an Accent set. With adding an Accent Set your Dreadset gets a whole new look!

Use an Accent set to add to your Real Dreadlocks

It’s also really fun to wear an Accent Set between your Real Dreads. You can braid the Synthetic Dreads onto your Real Dreads or you can easily attach them to your Real Dreads with the loop. In the video below you can see how you can do this.

With this Accent Set you will give your Real Dreadlocks a whole new look!

What you see is what you get

We offer different types of Accent Sets on our website. On the photos we show you which Synthetic Dreads are in the Accent Set.

You will receive the Accent set complete like on the photo, with yarn, beads and/or charms. All you have to do is install them.

-X- Renate