Synthetic dreadlock extensions, wholesale price for dread students

Wholesale for Synthetic Dreads

A few years ago I had a separate website available for my own product brand Dready Dreadzz. On this website you could order various products such as Synthetic Dreadlocks at wholesale prices.

Where can I buy Synthetic Dreads at wholesale prices?

In 2019 I developed the Renate's Locks of Love and we said goodbye to the Dready Dreadzz brand.

Because the Renate's Locks of Love are completely made and based on my own wishes and decisions, you will not find these quality types of Dreads anywhere else. I also do not supply these Dreads to wholesalers.

Working with Synthetic Dreads is extensively discussed in my online course ‘How to become a Synthetic Dreadlock Stylist’. I teach my students how to make high-quality dreads and how to install the Renate's Locks of Love in a professional way.

Only my students taking this course can purchase Renate's Locks of Love at discounted rates.

Wholesale for Dollylocks and Spiralocks

Dreadshop is the European retailer of Dollylocks and Spiralocks. These products for Dreadlocks are available at wholesale prices at Dreadshop.

Dollylocks products have been developed for Dreadlocks and consist of natural ingredients. An extremely well-ran brand that is in demand worldwide.

A Spiralock is a bendable elastic with which you can always create the desired tightness of your ponytail, bun or other updo.

In our range you will find different, unique designs that change regularly.

With the purchase of your Spiralock you support the underprivileged women in Fiji!

Would you like to participate in the How to become a Synthetic Dreadlock Stylist course? Click here for more information. It is also possible to register via this page.

Would you like more information about purchasing Dollylocks and/or Spiralocks products at wholesale prices? Please contact us.