RAW ROOTs products for your Dreadlocks

RAW ROOTs products for your Dreadlocks

RAW ROOTs what is NOT in it?

At Dreadshop we have been working with the products from RAW ROOTs since a couple of years to full satisfaction. And for a good reason. Because besides the fact the products are perfectly suited for the care of your dreads, it’s a treatment without chemicals. 

All of the RAW ROOTs-products are free of sulfates, parabens, SLS, artificial scents and coloring, petrochemicals, formaldehyde, mineral oils, palm oil and phenoxyethanol, PEG and propylene glycol. It’s a company philosophy that we fully agree with at Dreadshop. Also the reason that I use several products for my own personal use as well.

RAW ROOTs: handmade with biological ingredients

Besides that, all of the RAW ROOTs products are handmade in small batches. The complete product line is carefully thought through to be as sustainable as possible. The Danish company uses organic ingredients where possible.

RAW ROOTs, perfect for your Dreadlocks!

The shampoos from RAW ROOTs are developed for Dreadlocks. Contrary to “commercial shampoos” this shampoo does not contain softening ingredients like conditioners, silicones and mineral oils. It leaves your hair in perfect condition, without dehydrating the hair and/or scalp. It also doesn’t leave any greasy buildup after use.

The essential oils of RAW ROOTs are also 100% natural oils, extracted from plants. They are not diluted and there are no additives: it is just pure and biological oils. You can find the complete list of ingredients of the RAW ROOTs products here.


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