Order all the products you need for installing Synthetic Dreads in this kit!

Receive this complete kit with different product that you can use when installing Synthetic Dreadlocks. You also save money with this kit!

What will you receive in this kit?
You will receive a sprayer, that you can use to wet the hair, so you won’t be bothered by painful, loose hairs in the braids.

You will receive this set with clips, these are super handy to clip away the loose hair.

You will also receive a pin tail comb, you can use the pin tail of this comb to make a clean sectioning. But you can also comb the strands of hair before you install the Dreads. Do you want to know how you can make the best sectioning? Click here to read our blog.

You will receive a Quick Beader Tool, this tool is great to use when installing our Single Ended Dreads. Click here to see the video in which we explain how you can use the Quick Beader Tool.

Of course the sturdy elastics should not be missing. You will receive 3 packs of sturdy elastics in the color of your choice. These elastics are of high quality and will not break while wearing your Dreadlocks.

You will receive this Dreadkit for a great discount price!
Good luck installing your Dreadlocks!

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