Are Dreadlocks permanent or not?

Are Dreadlocks permanent or not?

Are Dreadlocks permanent? That is a very good question! In this blog I will happily give you an answer. There are different kinds of Dreads and I would love to tell you more about it.

Permanent Dreads

Real Dreads made of your own hair are also called permanent Dreads. You wear these Dreads for a long(er) period of time. 

So be well aware, that if you choose to wear Real Dreads, you're choosing a hairstyle that is usually worn for multiple years. 

Real Dreads go through different phases before they are mature Dreads. It is super cool to go through these phases and see how your Dreads develop. That is why it is important to wear Dreads for a longer period of time.

You can make Real Dreads in different lengths, with open ends, blunt ends or extend them. So also with Real Dreads there are a lot of possibilities. Always make sure you are well informed before you get your Dreads created, to ensure you get the Dread-result you want.

In Dreadshops' Salon we always talk about your wishes first and we ask you to search for pictures of Dreads that you like. This way we can easily create your dreamlook.

Semi-permanent Dreads

There are also semi-permanent Dreads. These Dreads usually are ‘braided’ into the hair. They are usually Synthetic Dreads or Wooldreads.

Semi-permanent says enough, it is temporary. You wear these Dreads for about two months. After this you have to take them out. Most of the Dreads you can reuse, so you can rewear them. But you do have to take them out every two months and re-install them.

The advantage is that you are not "stuck" with your Dreads. If the Dreadlocks aren’t what you expected, you can take them out and you will have your own hair back. This is way easier than with Real Dreads.

We often see people first choose Synthetic Dreads. When they are convinced they like them, they go to Real Dreads. 

In Dreadshops Salon we have over 20 years of experience with Synthetic Dreads. With these Dreads we can also create your dreamlook.

I’m curious to see what you will choose! Permanent Dreads or Semi-permanent Dreads?

-X- Renate