Is it okay for Dreads to get wet?

Is it okay for Dreads to get wet?

Is it okay for Dreads to get wet? This is a question we could answer with both yes and no. In this blog we explain when Dreads can get wet and when it is better to keep them dry.

When is it better to not get my Dreads wet?

When you just got your Dreads in, it is better to not get them wet right away. This mainly goes for Real Dreads from your own hair. Your hair needs time to form in the locking process. When you start washing your Dreads too soon, you disrupt the process and a lot of loose hair might fall out of your Dreads. That would be a shame!

If you wear Synthetic Dreads, our advice is to wait at least a week before getting them wet. Is it comfortable for you to wait longer? Then go more than a week without washing. The less you wet your Synthetic Dreads, the longer your hair and the Dreads stay nice.

Can I wet my Dreads?

Generally the answer is ‘yes’. You can wet and wash all types of Dreads. However, like written before, it is smart to wait 2 to 4 weeks before you do this with Real Dreads. After this period you can wet and wash your Dreads weekly. Some products are best to use on damp Dreads. 

Do you have wool dreads? Take into account that they absorb way more water than Synthetic Dreads or Real Dreads. This means the Dreads will get a lot heavier when wet. So don't let it scare you.

What type of shampoo is best to use for my Dreads?

We have different kinds of shampoos in our assortment for your Dreads. For Real Dreads you can choose from Liquid shampoos or a shampoo bar. Do you wear Synthetic Dreads? Choose a cleansing spray

What do I use for my Dreads in between washing days?

When your scalp isn't used to having a week in between washing days, it could get itchy. It is also nice to be able to freshen up your hair and Dreadlocks between washing them. 
For this you could use a Refreshening Spray or a Refreshing Mist. You spray it between your Dreads and on the scalp.
When you have Real Dreads and you are in the first 2 to 4 weeks where you can't wash them, use a cleansing spray without rinsing it out. 

How do I make sure my Dreads dont get wet when I take a shower?

Most people wash their Dreads usually once every 1 or 2 weeks. That is perfect. But you most likely shower more often. Sometimes it is hard to keep your Dreads completely dry.
That's why we have developed a nice big shower cap, you can adjust the size with a build in elastic band. So the shower cap can be used for thin Dreads, but also for thick and long Dreads.

Would you like more information about swimming with Dreads, read our blogs for Synthetic Dreads and for Real Dreads.

-X- Renate