The 4 phases of Real Dreads; from young to mature

The 4 phases of Real Dreads; from young to mature

When you have Real Dreads, you have probably heard some different terms about them. Baby Dreads, young and mature, but when are Dreads actually young and when are they mature?

The phases of Real Dreads

Real Dreads can be created in different ways. The methods used for this differ per ‘Loctician’. The phases of Real Dreads that I describe apply to the Dreadshop method of creating Real Dreads. This is a method of backcombing and crocheting.

Phase 1: Baby Dreadlocks

It’s time, the day that your Real Dreads will be created is here! On day 1 you walk out the door with “Baby Dreadlocks”. Your Dreads have just been created and there is a lot of air in the Dreads. Because of that they will frizz faster and they don’t feel very compact. In the coming months you will notice that you will have a lot of loose hairs, this is typical for this phase. That’s why we recommend to get maintenance a bit more often in the beginning. Also palmrolling your Dreads and using tightening products are very important in this phase.

Phase 2: Young Dreadlocks

After 2 months and a first maintenance, we speak of “Young Dreadlocks”. Young Dreadlocks are starting to lock up. There are still plenty of loose hairs, but it’s getting less. Your Dreads still feel very soft but are getting more compact because of the palmrolling and using tightening products. In this phase you’ll definitely want to continue with this.

Phase 3: Adolescent Dreads

After 6 months you’ll notice that your dreads are becoming more compact. They might even have shrunk. That is a normal process. Because your hair will get closer together / mat up and the air will disappear more and more from your Dreads. That causes them to get more compact, but they can also shrink.
In this phase you will have a lot less loose hairs, the loose hairs you have are mostly at the outgrowth, your roots. You can have this maintained every 2-3 months.

Phase 4: Mature Dreadlocks

After a year you can call your Dreads mature! They have gone through all the phases and have become nice and compact! You will barely have loose hairs from your Dreadlocks. You will just have the loose hairs at the outgrowth. You can get this maintained every 2-3 months. You will only need to use a minimal amount of tightening products for your Dreads, but using care products for your scalp and using the right shampoo are all the more important.  You will notice that you have found your way in that along the way.

Real Dreads: Every phase is beautiful and unique

Above all don’t forget to enjoy every phase you are in! And make lots of photos, it’s so much fun to be able to compare later.

So enjoy your Dreads, no matter which phase they are in!

-X- Renate