Are Real Dreads harmful for my hair?

Are Real Dreads harmful for my hair?

There are quite a few assumptions about real dreads, people think they look sloppy or untidy and are not good for your hair. You will understand that we totally disagree with that. :) We regularly receive remarks along the lines of: Real dreads? Doesn’t that severely damage your hair? The short answer to this is: No, real dreads are not harmful to your hair. They are made from your own hair, that is correct. And taking care of and tidying your real dreads is very important! For the first months we recommend to regularly Palmroll them.

Wait awhile before letting them get wet

And there are more tips that are good to keep in mind when you just had your Real dreads installed. The first 2 to 4 weeks after installing your Real Dreads it is best to not let your dreads get wet under the shower and not swim with them. If you get them wet this will not benefit the quality. The hair needs some time to get used to your Dread process. Wetting or washing them will therefore not help. But in a later stage this will be quite important and definitely will help! You will notice that during your Dread process you will develop your own washing routine. You can read more about it in this Blog.

Maintaining Real Dreads

It is common to maintain your Real Dreads after a couple of months, it will be your first maintenance. We always recommend this and of course you can always come to the salon at Dreadshop so we can maintain your dreads for you. You can also maintain your Real Dreads yourself. On this page you can find some useful tips to maintain them yourself. It is important that the maintenance is done in the correct way for it to not damage your hair. There are methods where the hair is treated in a way it can break off. But of course at Dreadshop we work with a safe method of the highest quality!

Done with Real Dreads

It is quite a jump ahead, but there might come a time that you are done with your Real Dreads. When you don’t want Real Dreads anymore, there are a couple of options to ‘get rid of your Dreads.’ One of them; you don’t get maintenance on your dreads at the regrowth. After a few months you can cut off your Real Dreads, because the regrowth is a couple of inches / centimeters long. Our advice is to do this after consultation with a hairdresser. They can cut it into a nice model, no doubt! You don’t have to walk around bald!

Combing out Real Dreads

When you don’t want Real Dreads anymore and you would rather not cut off your Dreads, you can comb them out. This is very time consuming work, but definitely possible! Upside: you will keep the length of your hair. Note: when combing out your Real Dreads a lot of loose hairs will come out. You lose about 80 to 100 hairs each day. These hairs have been dreaded along in your Dread process and will therefore come out when combing them out. The longer you have had your Dreadlocks, the more loose hairs it involves and the more work the combing them out will be. Tip: when combing out use a sturdy comb like this Comb. Tip 2: Divide the combing over multiple days. And make a braid or multiple braids from the Real Dreads that you have already combed out, so that you can still create some fun hairstyles during the last days with your Real Dreads.

-X- Renate


Of course you want to give your Dreads all the love and the best care so that they look beautiful and well-groomed.
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