Do you suffer from dandruff in your Dreadlocks? 4 comprehensive tips!

Do you suffer from dandruff in your Dreadlocks? 4 comprehensive tips!

Have you just had your dreadlocks done and not much later you suddenly suffer from dandruff! While you've never had that before… Annoying of course, but there are several solutions for this annoying problem.
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1. Make sure your Dreadlocks do not grow together

Once your Dreadlocks shine after you've stepped outside the door of your dread loctician, your scalp needs some time to get used to this major change. To lend a helping hand, it is advisable to "keep your dreads apart" as well as possible. This way your scalp can get used to the new situation and just like your Dreads it will continue to "breathe" well.

If you already have your Dreads for a while, regular maintenance is very important. This will keep your scalp healthy!

2. Your Dreads need a good washing routine

A good washing routine also helps. I wash my Dreadlocks once a week and scrub my scalp well every time. It is important that you use a good soap for this. A soap bar or a liquid shampoo; it doesn't really matter for my own result. On you will find the brands that I have been working with satisfactorily for a long time. I tested everything myself, they are reliable brands that I support.

My washing routine:

3. Dandruff and the products of RAW ROOTs

Asked about Dandruff, Lisa from RAW ROOTs explains that she has different advice. "For a dry scalp with flakes, the hydrating shampoo is my favorite. Because it contains hydrolysed corn and beet root. In addition, it provides a natural instant moisture boost, protects the color in the hair and is antistatic. The extract of lavender, calendula and chamomile has a calming effect on the scalp and is pleasant for a stressed and itchy scalp. It also contains three beautiful essential oils, all of which have major benefits for dry and irritated scalp."

"For normal and oily hair there is the Herbal Cleanser"with extract of willow bark. Willow bark is a natural painkiller, so if you have problems with your scalp, this extract helps to calm and heal. The extracts of nettle, salvia and yarrow also help on oily and unbalanced skin. It also contains three essential oils that help to stimulate an unbalanced scalp and that has a anti-infecting effect."

"The moisturizing oil is super for all skin types. It contains many natural oils that help dry or oily scalp. The jojoba is very good for regulating sebum production and the hemp and broccoli oils are very soothing and healing for the skin and hair, without leaving behind an oily film. All essential oil used is very healing and stimulating for the skin and mind."

4. Use the right shampoo for your Dreadlocks

If you are not currently using a special shampoo and you suffer from dandruff, start with the tips above. You will see that it causes change. If you already use a soap bar or a liquid shampoo and do you suffer from dandruff, then check for yourself whether you are using the shampoo in the manner described above. So by thoroughly massaging your scalp and then rinsing it well. Changing shampoo can also work. That remains something personal.

If you have followed the advice, the dandruff usually goes away. If this is not the case, contact your Dread Loctician for more personal advice. She or he knows your dreads the best.

-X- Renate


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