Can I wear Dreads if I exercise a lot?

Can I wear Dreads if I exercise a lot?

Are you someone who enjoys playing sports and exercises a lot? Great of course, but maybe you wonder whether wearing Dreads is practical? I would like to answer that in this blog.

Can I wear Dreads if I exercise a lot?

Yes you can! It is perfectly possible to wear Dreads when you exercise a lot.

Even if you practice a sport in which you sweat a lot, you can wear Dreads perfectly fine. Proper care of your hair and scalp is important here.

It is nice to wear your Dreads in a ponytail or a high bun so that the Dreads don’t hang in your neck too much. In this video we show you how to make a bun that is ideal to wear during exercise:

Care of your Dreadlocks after exercise

Proper care of your Dreadlocks after exercise is very important. We advise not to wash your Dreads more than once a week. When you wash your Dreads, use a Cleansing Spray, which is super easy to use. This Cleansing spray takes care of both your scalp and your Dreads. Do you want to watch the video in which I show my washing routine with the Cleansing Spray? Then click here.

Of course it may be that you exercise more than once a week, if you do and also if you don’t, a good Refreshening Spray is very nice to use. Spray this Refreshening Spray on your scalp and if necessary also on your Dreadlocks to take care of your scalp.

Also let your dreads hang loose after exercising and give your scalp some air.

Do you often exercise? Extra care for your Dreads

If you often exercise and sweat a lot, it is nice to wash your scalp more often than once a week.

For this I have 2 tips:

  1. Use the Cleansing Spray dry in between, so without rinsing. This product has been developed for use both dry and wet!
  2. Rinse your scalp with water in between, keeping your dreads dry as much as possible. This way you can rinse away the sweat, without getting your dreads completely wet.

Dreads and Swimming

Is your favorite sport swimming? Then read this blog with more information about swimming with synthetic dreads or this blog with more information about swimming with Real Dreads.

Have fun exercising! 

-X- Renate