Plain dreads, Our Locks of love without decoration
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Renate's Locks of Love
Sale priceFrom €84,99 EUR

21 colors available

Thin Renate's Locks of Love
Sale priceFrom €99,99 EUR

18 colors available

Partial Dreads is the new style!

Partial comes from the word Part, which means partial. Partial Dreads is therefore actually part of Dreads.

With Partial Dreadlocks you have a part of your hair still loose, this is often at the top of your head. The Partial Dreads are usually located in the neck and/or at the back of the head.

We see this hairstyle coming back more and more.

Partial Locs

You can choose from different colors Dreadlocks

To give you as much inspiration as possible, we have put together many different Dreadsets in different colors. With the highlight, long Dreadlocks in the bum length of 70-75 cm!

Because we have a wide range of Synthetic Dreads, there is plenty of choice in Dreadlocks for men and Dreads for women. Our range of Dreadsets has been carefully chosen. You can opt for a very natural look, but Dreadsets with more colors can also be ordered.

Beautiful and strong products of high quality are used for our Dread extensions. For the Synthetic Dreads we use Synthetic Hair without chemical coating. We also ship our products without plastic as much as possible.

Loc extensions, we have the look you are looking for!

A big challenge when purchasing new Dreadlocks is always the color of the Dreadlock. Always keep in mind that your own hair color also consists of several colors. Especially look at the color of the outgrowth of your hair and match it with a Dreadlock color. The Renate's Locks of Love are unique colors, because these colors are a mix of different color shades.

If you have any questions about the color, please contact our customer service. Don't forget to send us some photos of your own hair color, we are happy to help you with good advice!