Customize DIY Accent Set

Have you always wanted to decorate your own Synthetic Dreads, but don't feel like unnecessary hassle? Then Dreadshop offers the solution! No need for cold feet, anyone can do it!


Step 1:
Choose your base color Locks of Love. You will receive 12 Single Ended Dreads Bum Length in this color.

Step 2:
Choose your favorite decoration. You can choose from materials composed by us. You will receive this together with your Locks of Love, so that you can get started!

Step 3:
Mail us at with your order number. Then we will give you FREE access to our course, in which we guide you step by step through the different types of decoration that you can make.

Step 4:
Wear your Dreads as Partial Dreads, between your other Locks of Love or between your Real Dreads! Need more information and explanation about this? We have it for you!

This Accent Set consists of 12 Single Ended Dreadlocks in 28 inch / 70 cm (Bum Length).
All our Dreads are made of high quality Henlon hair without chemical coating.

You will also receive a beautiful Storage Bag, which is super handy when you are not wearing your Locks of Love for a while. You can easily store your Dreads in this Storage Bag and in doing so you also keep your Synthetic Dreads dust-free.

It is also possible to have this Accent Set installed in our Salon.

You can wash Accent Dreads like this.

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