Can Partial Dreads damage your loose hair?

Can Partial Dreads damage your loose hair?

When wearing partial dreadlocks, your dreads can damage your loose hair. In this blog, I'll give you tips on how to prevent this.
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Partial Real Dreadlocks

We are seeing more and more partial dreads in our salon. The most common partial dreads hairstyle is several rows of dreads in your neck, with your 'regular' hair hanging loose over the dreads. Especially when wearing real dreads as a partial look, which means you wear your dreads all the time, chances are that your loose hair is always close to/ touching the Dreads. This can cause damage to your loose hair as dreads are 'rougher' than loose hair.

Partial Dreads with Synthetic Dreads

When wearing partial synthetic dreads, the chance of them damaging your loose hair are somewhat smaller. This also depends on the type of synthetic dreads you wear; twisted/sealed dreads feel less 'rough' than crocheted dreads. With Synthetic Dreads, you usually take them out after a month or 2 so your hair gets a break from being braided. The chances of any damage are less than with Real Dreadlocks because of this.

How do I prevent my Dreadlocks from damaging my loose hair?

Wear your loose hair separated from your dreads at night, in a bun or braid. This way, especially when you move a lot in your sleep, your loose hair won't 'rub' against your dreads, providing better protection. Also when wearing a night cap where all your hair and dreads are loose together, your dreads may rub against your loose hair as you turn over/toss and turn in your sleep.

You could also use a satin pillowcase. This protects both your loose hair and the dreads. Even after removing Temporary Dreads, you can continue using the pillowcase.

During daily wear of your dreads, you can alternate with updos where your loose hair doesn't move over your dreads, for example, a half bun, with your loose hair in the bun and your dreads hanging loose. Or a (half) braid where you braid both your loose hair and your dreads (partially). Or a bun with all your loose hair and dreads. On our YouTube channel, you'll find a lot of inspiration for dread updos!

What (Dreadlock) products can I use on my loose hair?

Use a hair mask on your loose hair more often or use a conditioner more frequently; the Conditioner Bar is also perfect for this!