How much (hair) length do you lose when you get Real Dreads installed?

How much (hair) length do you lose when you get Real Dreads installed?

You really want to get Dreads made of your own hair, but will your Dreads be a lot shorter than your hair length?
That’s a good question; it depends on multiple factors, we’ll tell you all about it in this blog!
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Different methods of installing Dreads

Whether or not you will lose a lot of length when dreading your hair also partially depends on the method with which they are created.
There are many different methods to create real dreads, with one method you might lose more length than with another.
At Dreadshop we use our self developed crochet method, with this method we back comb the hair first, after which we use a crochet hook to crochet the hair in order to create a beautiful dread. In our experience, you do not lose a lot of length with using this method. However there are more factors that influence this, read them below.

Full hair or thin ends

If your hair has about the same thickness all the way through, you will have little loss of length with our crochet method. However if you have very thin ends, you could lose a substantial amount of length. When you are trying to grow out your hair to get real dreads installed, we recommend you still visit your hairdresser regularly to cut off the dead ends of your hair. If you don’t do this your ends will wear down and get thinner. By regularly trimming your hair you keep it healthy and full.

Do you have very long hair but you haven’t been to the hairdresser in years? Then there is a big chance that you loose over half of your length when your real dreads are installed.

However it’s not a bad thing to have some dead ends as it helps keep the ends of your dreads dreaded. So if you are getting dreads in the near future, we recommend not to cut your hair shortly before.

Your Dreads could shrink

Your dreads have been installed and you didn’t lose too much length, yay! But don’t cheer too soon, it could still happen. Your new Dreads still contain some air and they are not too sturdy and compact yet. Mainly the first year you have your Dreads they can still shrink (a lot).
In this blog you can read more about the different phases your dreads will go through.

The maturing of your dreads is a process in itself. Because the knotted hair in your dreads get closer and closer together your dreads get more compact and they could shrink. In extreme cases, bigger lumps can arise in the dreads when a large amount of hair accumulates in one spot. This can cause the dreads to become shorter. You can prevent this by palm rolling your dreads.
By palmorling you ‘stretch’ out the dreads a little bit and prevent the shrinking of you dreads. After about six months your dreads will feel a lot more compact and there is a smaller chance of them shrinking.

Caring for your Dreads

The state of your hair plays a big role in caring for your Dreads
Hair that is very damaged, for example bleached hair, feels dryer.
The more dry and damaged your hair is, the easier it knots and your dreads will shrink more easily.
Healthy hair means more beautiful and healthier Dreads!

Using tightening products too often and too much, can dry out your hair and cause shrinkage. Always follow the instructions on the packaging.

Do you often swim in the sea? The salty water can dry out your hair and this might also make your dreads shrink. In this case, use some caring Dreadlock oil. Wash your dreads thoroughly after swimming to make sure there is no salt left to prevent your hair from getting even dryer.
Tip: use a microfiber towel or a hair dryer bonnet to fasten the drying process!

Would you like to know more about how to care for your Dreads? Read this blog.

Different types of ends

Dreads can have different kinds of ends. The decision for this also influences whether or not you will lose length or not.
Normal ends: as much hair as possible gets crocheted into the and you are left with a little loose end. You won’t lose extra length with this type of end.
Fuller ends: extra hair gets added to the ends to make them fuller. You also won’t lose additional length with this type of end.
And last but not least blunt ends: the loose hair in the end of the dreads gets crochet back into the end of the dread to create a blunt end. With blunt ends you will lose some more length, because the end of the hair gets crochet back into the dread.

Dreads with extension

Does one of the above mentioned factors play a role for your hair/ dreads and did your dread shrink? You could choose to extend your dreads! Even if you have had your dreads for years this is a possibility. In our salon we usually use loose Human Hair to extend dreads, but it can also be done with our Human hair Locks of Love or the Synthetic Locks of Love. In this blog you can read more about the advantages and disadvantages of these options.

If you are unsure about how much length would be lost when your real dreads are installed, you could book a consultation, we will give you the right advice!