Do Dreadlocks cause hair loss?

Do Dreadlocks cause hair loss?

Suddenly there is hair everywhere... You just run your hand through your hair, and there are hairs between your fingers... So, do Dreadlocks cause hair loss? In this blog, we are happy to provide you with an answer.

Do Dreadlocks cause increased hair loss?

Actually, we can answer this question with both yes and no. The answer depends on the proper hair load and sectioning. As long as the hair is not overloaded with heaviness and the sections are well done, Dreadlocks will not cause hair loss. Dreadlocks are not harmful to the hair. In fact, your hair gets more rest when you wear (Synthetic) Dreadlocks.

Is your hair burdened by very heavy Dreads or is the sectioning of your hair too small? Then you are more at risk of experiencing hair loss. Because the hair follicles are being burdened too heavily, the hairs will detach from the follicles more quickly. Simply because they cannot handle the weight and tension. If you want to know if Dreadlocks are harmful to your hair, read our blog on this topic.

Loose hairs when combing out your Dreadlocks

When you comb out your Synthetic Dreads or Real Dreads, indeed, many loose hairs come out. This is normal. You naturally lose 80-100 hairs per day, and all of these remain in your Dreads or in the roots. So, it's normal to comb out a substantial amount of hair when you've worn your Dreads for a long time. Take good care of your scalp and hair when you have Dreads in. This way, you also care for your hair properly, keeping it strong and healthy at the roots. In our product range, you'll find many hair care products developed for Dreadlocks.

I don't want hair loss, how can I prevent it?

The most important thing is to create a good sectioning so that the hair is not excessively burdened. We have developed an online course where we show you how to, for example, install your Synthetic Dreads yourself. There, we also show you how to create proper sectioning.

Furthermore, it's essential to choose the right type of Dreads. If you go for Synthetic Dreads, opt for good quality. Avoid heavy, machine-made Dreads as they are too heavy for your hair. Choose Locks of Love; they are fine and not too heavy. Additionally, these Dreads do not contain any chemical coatings, which is also good for your scalp. If you opt for Real Dreads, make sure the sections are not too small. If you choose extensions, ensure they are not too long and, therefore, not too heavy.

We can teach you how to create proper sectioning

Dreadshop offers various online courses in which you can learn how to install Dreads. For example, we have a course that guides you step by step in installing your Dreads yourself. In this course, we pay extra attention to sectioning. If you prefer to work professionally with Dreads, go for the "How to become a Synthetic Dreadlock Stylist" or "How to become a Real Dreadlock Stylist" courses.

In these courses, we guide you from A to Z on your journey in the Dreadlock world. After completing these courses, you will be ready to start your own salon. You can provide your customers with the best advice so that they too do not damage their own hair. For more information about our courses, visit our Dreadshop Academy website for an overview of our available courses.

-X- Renate