How do you take care of new Real Dreads?

How do you take care of new Real Dreads?

You just got Real Dreads from your own hair, you are super happy with the results and you want them to stay this beautiful for as long as possible. But how do you do that? In this blog I explain to you how you can take good care of your Real Dreads after they have just been created.

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Taking care of Real Dreads after they have just been created

It is very important to know how to take care of your Dreads so your Dreads stay looking nice.

Especially the first six months it is important to put much time and effort into your Dreadlocks. The first six months your Real Dreads are quite vulnerable. That's why it is important that you use products especially developed for Dreadlocks.

Loose hair is sticking out of my Dreads

The first few months you will notice a lot of hair sticking out of your Dreads. This is normal and is part of the Dreadprocess. Your hair needs quite some time to get used to being Dreaded. In the beginning there still is a lot of air in your Dreads, this makes them feel somewhat fluffy/ soft. As your Dreadlocks mature, they will become more compact and sturdy, the air will disappear from your Dreads. In this blog you can read all about the different phases your Dreads go through. 

Washing your Dreadlocks

When your Dreads have just been created we recommend you to not wet or wash them for 2 to 3 weeks. You could however use the Dollylocks Cleansing Spray as a dry shampoo.

After these weeks it is nice to establish a good washing routine. Using a good Dreadlock shampoo is very important. For new Dreads a shampoo bar is very suitable. We advise you to wash your Dreads the first six months with a RAW ROOTs shampoo bar in the scent Greenie Genie. This one is really good for new Dreads.

How often can I wash my Dreads?

It is enough to wash your Dreadlocks once a week. 
This is obviously a personal choice. It is no problem if you wash your Dreads more or less often. Do you want to wash them more often? Do not wash them more than three times a week.
It is very important to keep your Dreads clean. This promotes the maturing of your Dreadlocks which makes them more and more compact. 
Here you can find more information on:
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Palm rolling

It also is very important to palm roll your Dreads after they have been installed. We recommend you to palm roll new Dreads every day for two months. After two months it's recommended you continue palm rolling once or twice a week. When the Dreads have matured, they start to feel more and more compact, you will need to palm roll less and less. Read more about it in this blog.

Tightening products

We also recommend that you use a Tightening Gel or Spray. This will help make your Dreads tighter, it makes them stiffer and dryer, and your hair will tangle easier.

You can also use the Tightening Spray when palm rolling, it makes it easier for the loose hairs to stick to your Dreads and lock them in. Would you like some more information about Tightening products? Read our blog in which we describe how you can use the  products.

Switching updo’s

Switching up the way you wear your Dreads is good. When you always wear your Dreadlocks the same way, they could get knotted together. A Spiralock is super handy and nice for your Dreads, it won’t cut into your Dreads the way an elastic would. This way you have less chance of creating weak spots in your Dreads. Read our blog to learn more about how to prevent getting weak spots in your Dreads.

Decorating your Dreadlocks

We understand you want nothing more than decorating your Dreads with fun beads, charms and yarn right away. But it is better to wait with this for a couple of months, because your dreads are quite vulnerable at the beginning. When you put beads and yarn in the Dreadlocks and leave them in the same spot, they can create weak spots in your Dreads. When your Dreads are about 6 months old, you will notice they feel a lot more sturdy and you can easily decorate them! When washing your Dreads it's smart to take out all decorations before, this way your Dreads keep looking their very best! It still is important that the decorations aren't in the same spot for too long in order to prevent weak spots.

Dreads touch ups 

When you have Dreads, your hair still continues growing. The new hair growth will not lock with the Dreads automatically. That's why it is important to get your Dreads touched up regularly. Sometimes Real Dreads have the tendency to grow together. By maintaining your Dreadlocks regularly, you can keep them neat and cared for. How often you maintain your Dreads/ get them maintained is up to you. If you like your Dreads looking neat, we recommend getting maintenance every 3 months. When your Dreads are new it could be good to get them maintained after 2 months, because they can look a bit more messy. You can make your appointment here.

Would you rather learn how to maintain your Dreads yourself? Order our online course in which we show you step by step how to touch up your Dreads.

If you have extensions in your Dreads, it’s very important to take good care of that too. 

Extended Dreadlocks

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Fuller Ends

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