How can I maintain my Real Dreadlocks?

How can I maintain my Real Dreadlocks?

Maintaining Real Dreads requires careful attention. For the best result, it’s important that your Dreadlocks are properly maintained.
I have made a Mini course for you in which I show you step by step how you can maintain your Dreads yourself.

How can I maintain my Real Dreads myself?

There is a lot of information on the internet that you can use to maintain your Dreadlocks. Unfortunately, we see with many of our customers that this is not enough information to optimally maintain your Real Dreads. As a result, the Dreadlocks do not develop as they should. 

That is why we have combined our knowledge and experience and developed a Mini course in which we show you step by step and explain how you can maintain your Real Dreads yourself. 

Mini course Real Dreads maintenance

In this mini course (English spoken) we explain the different Dread Tools you need for maintaining your Real Dreads. We’ll explain which Tool to use for what, and we’ll show you exactly how to use the Tool to maintain your Dreadlocks.  

We give you information about getting rid of loose hair in your outgrowth and how to get rid of loose hair on your Dreads as well, but also about maintaining your outgrowth, for example.

We will also show you how to get rid of loops and bumps in the right way.

With all this information you can maintain your Dreadlocks yourself!

What do I need for maintaining my Dreadlocks?

In this mini course I use a number of Tools such as a crochet hook, a comb, clips and a Dreadtool. I have bundled these products in a Dreadkit so that you can use alle products immediately. You can order the products here. 

It is also possible to order the Mini course together with the Toolkit, that’s also cheaper! You can order this here

If you only want to order the Mini course, click here.

-X- Renate


Of course you want to give your Dreads all the love and the best care so that they look beautiful and well-groomed.
With my 20 years of experience I have written down my 5 most important tips for you! With these tips you can take great care of your Real Dreads!
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