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Crochet Hook 0.03 inch / 0.75 mm
Sale priceFrom €6,99 EUR
Night Cap
Sale price€14,99 EUR
Crochet Hook 0.02 inch / 0.6 mm
Sale price€4,99 EUR
Sale price€9,99 EUR
Shower Cap
Sale price€21,99 EUR
Dread Tool
Sale price€10,99 EUR
Sale price€14,99 EUR
Dollylocks Nylon Thread Spool
Sale price€29,99 EUR

11 colors available

How to maintain your own Real Dreads
Sale price€99,00 EUR
Crochet Hook 0.05 inch / 1.25 mm
Sale price€6,99 EUR
Satin pillowcase
Sale price€19,99 EUR

6 colors available

Save €7,47
Maintenance Course + ToolkitMaintenance Course + Toolkit
Maintenance Course + Toolkit
Sale price€128,49 EUR Regular price€135,96 EUR
Save €1,98
Tool Kit BasicTool Kit Basic
Tool Kit Basic
Sale price€25,99 EUR Regular price€27,97 EUR
How to become a Real Dreadlock Stylist
Sale price€3.799,00 EUR
Save €1,97
Tool Kit de LuxeTool Kit de Luxe
Tool Kit de Luxe
Sale price€34,99 EUR Regular price€36,96 EUR

Different crochet hooks for Dreads

Installing and maintaining Dreadlocks is usually done with the crochet hook. In our range you will find different crochet hooks. For example, we have a 0.75 mm crochet hook that is perfect for maintaining your Real Dreads.

Do you want to extend your Dreads with Human Hair or Synthetic Hair? Then choose a 1.25 mm crochet hook.

Are you going to make Real Dreads? Then choose our double or tripe crochet hook for a faster result.

Dread Tools

Extensive range of combs and crochet hooks

Are you looking for good Dread Tools? Then you've come to the right place! From crochet hooks, pointed combs & back comb to care products for your Dreadlocks, we have it all!

Adapt your product choice to the maintenance of your Dreads or choose one of our Toolkits so that you immediately get all the products you need to maintain your Dreads.

Get rid of loose hair in your Dreads

A known problem with many dread wearers is the loose hair. With a good Tightening Gel you can easily "stick" the loose hair to your Dreadlocks.

You can also choose to put these loose hairs into your Dreads with a Dread Tool and then hook them securely with a crochet hook