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Dreadshop contributes to a better environment!

We consider it extremely important to contribute to a better environment. In this blog I would like to tell you more about all the steps that have been taken to be able to order as environmentally friendly as possible from Dreadshop.
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Dreads are shipped without plastic packaging

In 2019 I developed my own Dreads, the Renate's Locks of Love. Besides the fact that I wanted these dreads to be perfect, I wanted these Dreadlocks not to be packed in plastic packaging anymore. Because our dreads contain a multiple numbers of Dreads in each set, you quickly need more bundles of Dreads, which would mean that you would also receive multiple plastic packages. That was just what I didn't want, so the Renate's Locks of Love and the Thin Renate's Locks of Love are shipped without plastic packaging!

Synthetic hair without plastic packaging

You might think it is impossible, but our Synthetic hair, such as Henlon Hair, is also shipped without plastic packaging.
You will receive the hair as a braided bundle with a card on it.

In addition to Synthetic hair, we are shipping more and more products without packaging. The Spiralocks, the new crochet hooks, the clips, the sprayers and elastics. And there are some other products that we ship without plastic. And in the future we want to ship all products without plastic!

Dreadshop uses recycled paper and filling material

When we pack your order and it needs to be filled up, we use material that was previously sent to us, which can also be plastic, but also other reusable padding. We shred supplied leaflets or used papers so that we can also use them as filling material. 

We increasingly send products that cannot be shipped without packaging in bags made from recycled paper. This is how the sturdy elastics are sent in these bags. The beads will also be sent in this packaging in the future.

We prefer to ship the many orders that we ship in compostable bags or boxes made of recycled paper.
In the future, we want to ship all our products as environmentally friendly as possible. We are also working with our shipping companies to have the materials we use for them developed in an environmentally friendly way.

We develop and improve ourselves step by step!


-X- Renate