Can I wash my Dreads?

Can I wash my Dreads?

Honestly? I think this still is the most asked question. ‘Can you wash your Dreads?’ There still is a lot of prejudice surrounding Dreads. A lot of people still think Dreads are dirty and unkempt, however this is not true. You can wash your Dreads perfectly fine!

Washing Dreads

We advise you to wash your dreads a maximum of one time a week. Whether you have Synthetic Dreads or Real Dreads; washing once a week is enough.

Do you wear Synthetic Dreads? Choose a Cleansing Spray.
Do you have Real Dreads of your own hair? Use a shampoo specially developed for Real Dreads for the best care.

Care products for your Dreads

In the last few years a lot of care products, especially developed for Dreads, have entered the market. We for example work in collaboration with Dollylocks. A very popular brand, that has different care products for Real Dreads. These products are based on natural ingredients, which is amazing for both you and your Dreads.

RAW ROOTs is also becoming a popular brand. The RAW ROOTs are also based on natural ingredients. In addition, RAW ROOTs has products that care for Dreads or scalps that needs some extra attention. For example dry Dreadlocks, a sensitive scalp or lice in your dreads. RAW ROOTs also has different kinds of shampoos for new Dreads or Dreads that are very dry.

Can i wash my Dreads?

The clear answer for this is : ‘YES!’
Leave all the prejudices in the past. Dreads are not dirty, Dreads are super cool!

-X- Renate