How does a Dreadlock Detox work?

How does a Dreadlock Detox work?

When you have Real Dreadlocks it is important to wash your Dreadlocks with a special shampoo developed for Real Dreads. These shampoos contain only natural ingredients which not only takes good care of your Dreadlocks, but also of your scalp. You can read more about this here.

When do my Dreadlocks need a detox?

Over time, dirt, impurities and product residue will build up within your Dreadlocks. Even if you wash your Dreadlocks regularly, this is unavoidable.

We recommend that you do a detox only when your Dreadlocks are at least one year old. A detox is an intensive treatment for your Dreads and if your dreads are adults they will be able to deal with this better.
To find out if your dreads are mature enough, click here.

How does a Dreadlock Detox work?

In our range we have different detox packages. These detox packs are also made from natural ingredients.

  • First fill a inflatable basin / bowl / basin or sink with warm water and put the cleansing bomb or cleansing powder in it. Make sure this dissolves well in the water.
  • In the meantime, check whether your accessories from your Dreads are removed, accessories such as yarn or beads.
  • Then lower all your Dreadlocks under water as much as possible. You may need to move your head a little every now and then to get your Dreads wet.
  • Soak your Dreads in the water with the cleansing bomb or the cleansing powder for at least five minutes.
  • Then squeeze your dreads a bit and rinse them well with lukewarm water.

    Optional/only included in the Raw Roots Detox:
  • Then fill another container / basin or sink with warm water and now add ACV (apple cider vinegar). The entire bottle may be emptied.
  • Then lower your Dreadlocks completely under water. Soak your Dreads in the ACV for three to five minutes.
  • Then rinse your Dreadlocks well again.
  • And finished!

Did you see if the water was a bit browner / gray? Then your Dreadlocks really needed a detox!
Do your Dreadlocks feel dry after the detox treatment? Then choose a conditioning or hydrating oil to take good care of your Dreads.

In this video you can see how Diane detoxes her dreads using the inflatable basin:

How often can you repeat a Dreadlock detox?

You can repeat a detox every 4-6 months.
A detox is very nice to do before your dreadlocks need to be maintained.

Do you want to maintain your Real Dreadlocks after your detox? Then order your access to our videos in which we explain how you can do this properly.

Enjoy your clean and fresh Dreadlocks!


-X- Renate