Where to buy Synthetic Dreads online?

Where to buy Synthetic Dreads online?

Where exactly can you buy Dreads online? Of course at Dreadshop.com!

In the assortment of Dreadshop.com you will find different types of Synthetic Dreads. The Renate's Locks of Love originals and the Thin Renate's Locks of Love.

These Dreads are based on Real Dreads and these Dreads therefore have a very natural look. With the loose tips of the Dreads, these Dreads look very real.

By combining multiple colors in Renate's Locks of Love, we have developed beautiful, natural colors that go well with many types of hair colors.

You can also find many different care products for Synthetic Dreads in the range of Dreadshop.com. From a good shampoo to a nice care spray.
Do you want to add nice accessories to your Synthetic Dreads? In the assortment of Dreadshop.com you will find an extensive collection of accessories. Think of nice beads, hair bands and Spiralocks.

Online course from Dreadshop

Dreadshop has also developed a course in which we take you step by step on a journey to become a Professional Synthetic Dreadlock Stylist. In this course you also learn to make high-quality Dreads.
Is the color and / or length you are looking for not in our assortment? Then it is possible to have a custom made set made by one of our Affiliates.

The affiliates have fully completed the online course with extra assignments! The Dreads they make are of super good quality and they can make the Dreads completely to your liking.

How can I order my Custom made Dreads online?

You can contact our affiliates and they can help you put together your perfect Dreadset.
You can find our Affiliates on this page.