Starting your own Dreads with Dreadshop Tools

Starting your own Dreads with Dreadshop Tools

Would you like Real Dreadlocks from your own hair? Then use the Tools from Dreadshop! With the use of these Tools you can create beautiful Dreadlocks.

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Which Tools do I need for making Dreadlocks?

For setting Real Dreads we recommend the following Tools:

  • Clips
  • Crochet hook
  • Pain tail comb
  • Dreadtool

With the pain tail comb you can backcomb your hair so you can dread the hair.

With the use of the crochet hook you can make your Real Dreads much firmer.

And with the Dread Tool you can easily and neatly remove the loose hairs that appear in your Dreads.

With the clips you can easily fix your Dreads so that you avoid your Dreads and hair from loosening.

Dreadshop offers all these Tools in a handy Toolkit. This way you have all these products together and it's also cheaper!

These Tools can also be used to maintain your Real Dreadlocks.

The purchase of these Tools is not only for setting your Dreadlocks, but you can also use them very well when maintaining your Real Dreadlocks.

We have made a mini course for updating your Dreadlocks. In this course we will explain step by step how you can use the Tools, but also how you can maintain your Real Dreads correctly.

You can order the Toolkit in combination with the Mini course. You can find these products here.

Have fun with your Dreads!

-X- Renate