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Tool Kit BasicTool Kit Basic
Tool Kit Basic
Sale price€25,99 EUR Regular price€27,97 EUR
Save €3,65
Care Kit Oily scalp/hair
Care Kit Oily scalp/hair
Sale price€69,32 EUR Regular price€72,97 EUR
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Care Kit Dry scalp/hair Dollylocks
Care Kit Dry scalp/hair Dollylocks
Sale price€113,96 EUR Regular price€119,96 EUR
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Care Kit Mature Dreads Dollylocks
Care Kit Mature Dreads Dollylocks
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Dollylocks set real dreads care, new dreadlocks Starter Kit Young Dreads Deluxe Dollylocks
Starter Kit Young Dreads Deluxe Dollylocks
Sale price€221,26 EUR Regular price€232,91 EUR
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Starter Kit Young Dreads Basic Dollylocks
Starter Kit Young Dreads Basic Dollylocks
Sale price€87,36 EUR Regular price€91,96 EUR
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Tool Kit de LuxeTool Kit de Luxe
Tool Kit de Luxe
Sale price€34,99 EUR Regular price€36,96 EUR
Real dreadlock kit, maintaine your locks

Tools for making and maintaining Dreads

Dreadshop.com has a wide range of Tools that make maintaining your Real Dreads easier. We have various crochet hooks, special combs, a good Dread Tool, but you can also find clips or pointed combs in our range.

We have bundled these tools together in Dreadkits, so that you will immediately receive all the tools with which you can create your Dreads or maintain your Dreads.


Make maintaining your Dreads easier!

With over 20 years of experience in Dreadlocks, I would like to help you! Especially for you I have recorded several courses that can help you.

In my online course for maintaining your Real Dreads. I'll tell you all about loose hair, loops and bumps.

This way you can wear your Dreadlocks looking amazing!

Dread Tools: From crochet hook to comb

Qualitative and functional, that is, when it comes to the dread wearer, what it’s mainly about is finding the right tools. With the right Dread Tools you can easily maintain your Dreadlocks and your Dreads will look perfect! Or make your own fake Dreads and braid them in your hair!

You will find all this at Dreadshop, the best products for an affordable quality. What else do you want?