Welcome to Human Hair Locks of Love 101

This is a page dedicated to all Dreadheads who just got or are about to get their Human Hair Dreadlocks. We will tell you our favorite tips, the do’s and dont’s and guide you through each step of the Human Hair Dreadlock journey.

Step one: "Pre-Installation"

So cool, you bought our Human Hair Locks of Love! There is a lot you can do to get the best experience when wearing the Locks of Love. It all starts with what you do with your own hair and the Dreads before installing them. We would love to help you get started.

Before getting your Human Hair Dreads installed we recommend to wash your hair with a natural shampoo and to not use conditioner. If you were to use conditioner or a hair mask before installing your Dreads they might slip out easier. It’s similar with Synthetic Dreads so you click here for more information on how to prepare.

Step two: Installing Your Dreadlocks

Next up is installing but how do you do this? Do you have to get it done or can you do it yourself? Is there a difference between installing Partial Dreads and a Full Head?

You can easily install the Dreads yourself. We offer an online course on how to install a full head of dreads on yourself and one on how to install partial dreads on yourself.

Having your Human Hair Dreads installed by a professional is also possible! Would you love to extend your own natural Dreads? The Human Hair Dreads are also easily crochet into your Real Dreads to create a nice extension! You are more than welcome in our salon and our affiliates are also more than happy to help you!

Recommended tools

Installation process is easy, with the right tools. There are a lot of different ones available so it’s easy to get lost in it. That’s why we have created Installing kits to make the decision easier. You can check which one you prefer here.

Tips and Inspiration 

Now that you are wearing your Human Hair Locks of Love we would love to give you some tips to optimize your experience and have your Dreads looking the best!


Caring for your Human Hair Dreads when wearing them is pretty simple. We recommend you wash them once a week. In this video you can see how. To give your Human Hair Dreads some extra love we recommend using a conditioner like the RAW ROOts conditioner bar. To dry, use a special Dreadlock towel as it absorbs more water and is big enough to hold your whole head of Dreads!! 

In between washes you can use a refreshening spray or mist to freshen them up.

itch/ discomfort

Your scalp can get itchy from the Dreads but don’t worry! It is very normal. Most people have very little discomfort. But some people are more sensitive to it. This however doesn’t make it less annoying.

You might experience a rash in your neck or along your hairline. This is because the dreads are braided in tight and your scalp has to get used to it. Read the blogs below for more information.

Oily scalp

Does your scalp get oily easily when you wear Dreads? Next to washing once a week, try using the Dollylocks Cleansing Spray. It has been developed especially for Synthetic Dreadlocks and works basically like a Spray shampoo, you can spray it on your scalp and then wash it off delicately with water. 

For more information and tips you can read the blogs below.

Night Care 

It is also important for your Dreads to be protected while you sleep. Bad night time care might cause your Dreads to frizz and damage easily, which is not the result you would want. So what to do?

Try using a Satin Pillowcase. They are made of a material that will not cause more frizz to your Dreads so they will look as good as new in the morning. Read one of the blogs below for more information.

Palm roling

With the Human Hair Dreads it might also be necessary to use tightening spray or tightening gel and to palmroll the Dreads so they stay nice and round. It helps to lock the loose hairs.

You can read about different types of locking products as well as how to palmroll in the blogs below.

Dyeing Human Hair Dreads

Do you want to dye your Human Hair Locks of Love? It is possible but there are some things to consider before doing this. Do not just buy any dye and use it on your Human Hair Locks of Love. It’s the easiest way to damage them forever!

Check out the blog below to learn more about it and make sure you thought this through before dyeing your Human Hair Locks of Love.

How to keep your Dreads dry in the shower

Of course you want to wash yourself more often than your Dreads. 😉 But it might seem annoying or hard to keep them dry when you do so. Especially with a full head, a shower cap might come in handy.
It is super stretchy and can fit a full head of bum length Dreads. Plus it has an adjustable elastic so once your Dreads are in you can tighten it to secure.This way you don’t have to worry about your Dreads falling out and getting wet. You can wet the Shower Cap too and your Dreads will still stay dry!

Dreadstyles: Your guide to updo’s 

Are your Dreads in? Can be quite a lot of volume to style right? Don’t worry, you don’t have to wonder each day how to style them. We have prepared a handy playlist for you with our Updo ideas, take a look and try them out! 

Dread Accessories

The dreads usually do not need much help as far as updo’s concerned. However it can be really fun to accessorize with spiralocks or maybe a headband. You can also add some beads for a fun look.

Time to take out the dreads

Removing Dreads

When you're not wearing the Human Hair Dreads as extensions for your Real Dreads you have to take them out after a while. We recommend doing this after around 2 months. But how?! It is not as difficult as it seems. You can check one of the blogs below and the video on it.
Ps: You normally lose about 80-100 hairs a day that are still in the braids. So don’t be scared by all the hair that comes out. This is completely normal.

Aftercare for your hair

Now that your Human Hair Dreads are out, it is time to take care of your own hair. Wash your hair very thoroughly and rinse well. Put in some conditioner and comb through your hair to detangle. For some extra nourishment you can use a nice hair mask. 

Aftercare for dreads

Since our Dreads are reusable it's important to give them some aftercare. Wash them (you can do it in a washing machine!) to get rid of any left over product so next time you wear them there is no build up. You can add a bit of a liquid shampoo and put them in a protective washing bag. Make sure you let them dry really well.

storing renate's locks of love

It is also very important to store your Renate's Locks of Love properly until the next use. The best way to store your Locks of Love is of course in our Locks of Love Storage bag, but there are other options which you can read in one of the blogs below.

What happens now?

Your Dreads are taken out, washed and dry. You start to feel the itch in your mind to get them installed again. The question is: can you do it right away?
We recommend not to. The Dreads are reusable so it means of course you can wear them again, but give yourself a couple days, maybe a week or two at least. Your scalp will thank you for the break and will be all ready for the new install after the resting period 🤎

Make sure to enjoy your Locks of Love! I would love to see your look so don’t forget to tag @dreadshop in your photos!

-X- Renate